Cleveland Retreat plan by Lake & Land Studio!

This is the Cleveland Retreat plan by Lake & Land Studio. This plan is 1,364 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is also a bunk room in one of the bedrooms, great when used as a retreat, but also a super cool place for a child to grow up, with extra room for friends to spend the night. If you like this plan, but you need it tweaked a bit for you, Lake & Land is happy to work with you so that it’s what you want.

I adore this plan, the porches are so wonderful and give you a few different spaces to head to. Sometimes you may want to visit and have a larger space and other times you may want to read or just chill and be in the smaller space. Porches are near and dear to my heart. We grew up with a fabulous porch, and to this day it’s hard to get my parents to come off of their porch. I see why, when I’m there I don’t want to leave it either. Especially if you have a view like they do… and being near water is an added bonus that can be very entertaining! Click HERE to see more images of what the inside of this home can look like!

The first floor of this plan is wonderful. You enter via the front porch. WHO doesn’t love a porch? The great room is open to the wonderful kitchen – The kitchen island is perfect place for gathering, and since it is open to the great room you aren’t missing out on anything if you happen to be the cook!

I like a master bedroom (or at least a bedroom) on the main floor with a bathroom, just in case you break your leg or whatever life throws at you makes it difficult to use stairs for a while.

The upstairs has two bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a space for the HVAC and did you notice the bunk space in the one bedroom? Pretty cool!

The bathroom is full of light from the wonderful windows across the front of the house – A nice light filled bathroom is always the way to go!

Thinking of changes to be made for us personally (with just the two of us). I think I would contact Lake & Land and work with them to re-use the bunk space and either turn that space into a closet (and remove the existing closet), or add built ins in that space (and keep the closet space). Woohoo, who doesn’t love more storage? That’s the great thing about Lake & Land, they will design a home that works for you! They are brilliant designers with a lot of experience. What they come up with is always beautiful!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

All images via, used with permission…
Images are not for construction or reproduction, they are property of the design firm.

3 thoughts on “Cleveland Retreat plan by Lake & Land Studio!

  1. Suzy

    This is a beautiful plan! I would prefer the bedroom on the main floor be a bit larger with walk- in closets and a big tub, shower and dual sinks. Otherwise you’ve got it going on Lake & Land!


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