Wall Paint Color…

We have purchased about 4,700 sample size containers of paint from Benjamin Moore. We want to be absolutely, positively sure on this color selection thing, because it’s a big deal. A bad color can break a room, while a great color can make it sing!

PAINT SAMPLES: The Cons… Paint samples = endless possibilities, which is troublesome for some people, namely me. The Pros: it does allow you to rule out a color that you LOVE because the light in the room changes it and turns it a ghastly color! So for that reason alone, we buy the samples and give them a try.

I went through this when I had a thing for navy blue. I still do. We purchased many, however, few looked good in the bright light of the day. But there was one that was amazing, however at the last minute we decided to stick with a dark, charcoal grey that we used in another room. I still debate about navy blue.

The next color debate that we went through (don’t laugh) – WHITE. You think “WHITE IS WHITE” how can it be so difficult? Oh, my friends, white most definitely is not white… some are tan, some are grey, some awful and others are  bright and beautiful. White is another that you can love on the paint chip, then paint a sample on a wall and AHHH! The amount of sunlight in the room plays a heavy role in the decision. I was going to keep our paint color to myself, he he… Do you know what it is? (For those of you paint-crazed people – some can tell just by looking).

It’s not what you think, and it’s not from Ben Moore. It’s Kilz. Yep. The walls have been primed (“Kilz” is not a paint color that I’m aware of). We got so tired of the dark walls, so we primed them and then the weather turned very hot. Too hot to open a window to paint, so we took some time to figure what we want… Basically, SUPER WHITE (OC-152) is the decision for this room. A bright, crisp white. I will post an “after” shot once we paint. I don’t expect it to look a lot different, just a nicer sheen. We’ll see!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “Wall Paint Color…

  1. David Kasman

    I agree, there’s no way to decide without trying a sample on the wall and living with it in various lights. It’s very tricky, but worth it if you get the result you want!

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  2. Jennifer Wallace

    I learned all about the importance of samples that one time that I bought 5 gallons of a paint that I thought I loved based on the swatch. It was a yellow and when I started painting it on the wall, it had the awful greenish cast, and I found myself donating 5 gallons of paint to Habitat.

    I doubt anyone ever used it!

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    1. I KNOW that feeling, ha ha… mine was with a sample can, but it was really, REALLY, R E A L L Y horrible!!! hahaha… I looked into SAMPLIZE.com that someone mentioned in a comment. Check that out, looks very cool! Would consider for next time!


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