Make A Snowman Any Chance You Get!

Snowman from SC (2017)

The big snow of 2017 in Charleston, SC allowed us the opportunity to build this snowman. Of course I didn’t think about it until the snow was rapidly melting, so I was thrilled to get him put together and a photo taken.

Snow in many areas doesn’t stop all activity. However, here in Charleston, SC – everything comes to a screeching halt. Schools and businesses close. There is no traffic, there is barely anyone on the road, and for good reason.

Growing up in Michigan, and driving in snow, the first time it snowed in Charleston (after hurricane Hugo in 1989), I thought, ha… I’ve got this! Ahhh, wrong! For those of you in the North/Mid West – it’s like driving on black ice. No control. But there is an upside… the entire neighborhood was outside having fun. I know that when a city shuts down it disrupts everything, but I secretly hope for a little snowstorm, maybe when everyone will be least effected!

The ubiquitous snowman – always seems happy – they make people smile. So when you have a good snow, make a snowman, it doesn’t have to be big – just something to brighten someone’s day!


Photos this week – Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

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