Joy for only $2.99?

Cozy and happy – Christmas lights!

Several years ago we bought a Christmas tree, set it up, decorated it and it was beautiful. Then Charlie, our Jack Russell terrier, jumped off of our bed and landed wrong…We took him to the vet and he had to have CCL surgery (like an ACL in humans). After the surgery, recovery was long, several months long. We had to keep him quiet (a Jack Russell???) and he couldn’t jump around. He was hurting, it was misery. So we had a Christmas tree in the sunroom that we couldn’t see yet we were banned to our back room with no Christmas decorations at all. So we hung lights on the windows, plugged them in and TADA: Instant Joy! Charlie had to stay confined to a crate, we could take him out (carry him down the steps), on a leash at all times. But eventually he could walk great.

Sometimes traditions are born out of necessity. The traditions don’t have to be fancy or over the top. These Christmas lights helped us make it through, plugging them in brought JOY. Joy for only $2.99! You just can’t beat that! So this has become a tradition ever since. This photo is several years old, but it basically looks the same!

🙃Catch you back here next month (can you believe TOMORROW is December 1)!




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