The Charm of Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

Like I mentioned there are beautiful gates all over Charleston, SC with some of the prettiest vignettes you will run across. Some are grand, very grand. But there is so much more… the charm in Charleston is just about everywhere!

This gate belongs to the Simmons-Edwards House (or as locals know it: the Pineapple Gates House.) it was once rumored that Oprah was going to buy it several years ago. Not sure if she even looked at it, but… The ornate fence, columns, and the very ornate gates are so grand. What about that magnificent tree? Absolutely stunning!

If you aren’t from Charleston or haven’t been to Charleston (SC), there is so much to do. Great places to walk, eat and shop. As well as plantations to visit, art galleries and more. It’s a happening place, so bring your walking shoes! Right now (through April) is the perfect time to visit! The weather isn’t humid (usually). It’s sunny and crisp, with many days reaching near 80 with cooler nights. Absolute perfection in my book!

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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