Featured Artist: Matthew Sievers!

River Head by Matthew Sievers 30×40″ Oil

Matthew Sievers. His paintings are incredible. He has a way of capturing a scene that is loose and stunning, where you FEEL every little vibe from the locations where he paints. His composition is interesting and his strokes with both brush and palette knife make his paintings come to life!The water in this painting is so striking, reflecting the fabulous sky. The tall trees are absolutely majestic and the mountains in the distance are beautiful. When you look at this painting… YOU JUST WANT TO BE THERE!

See more of Matthew’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram


Artist Statement…
“My inspiration as an artist comes from a variety of seemingly contrasting subjects, each having their own unique beauty. Growing up in rural Idaho laid the ground work for my love of landscapes. I’ve always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors and have been awestruck by the beauty and majesty found in nature.
Despite or possibly as a result of my country upbringing, I have always been drawn to the city. So many lives and machines and buildings weaving around each other fascinates me. The energy of a bustling downtown street or a moody neighborhood at night have a certain kind of awesomeness that inspires me.
My love of architecture, especially old buildings is somewhat of a bridge between the two settings. An old barn summons imagery of physical labor, pride in work, and simple times from the past.
Between peaceful scenes in nature, modest, functional architecture, and beautiful but imposing cities I find constant inspiration and desire to paint. I strive to recreate these places through expressive brushwork on a canvas, using color and lighting to bring a piece to life. My goal is to rebuild those scenes in a unique style where traditional meets contemporary, a style that seems to suit my varying subjects just right.”

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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