Featured Artist: Lori Mehta!

Entwined by Lori Mehta 20×16″ Oil

Lori Mehta. She has such interesting paintings, just fabulous. I love the paintings with the white crisp shirts, so classy! Lori’s figures are wonderful. I love the shadows on the white tee shirt, the jewelry, the hair pinned up, (not to mention all the wonderful shadows) all very nice! Lori has beautiful paintings, so unique! Her paintings of animals (wow!), as well as landscape, still life and buildings – oh! You’re in for a treat!

You’ve heard me say it before… I love a good bio. One that lets us know a bit about the artist. Lori’s story is fabulous…

See more of Lori’s work via these links:

Website  | Instagram  |  News


When people have recently asked about my artistic background, I would automatically go back to my childhood, education as a printmaker, my graphic design career etc. This time I would like to approach things a little differently, because my painting career is a separate experience for me. My painting career began a couple of years before our “nest was emptied.”While I did have a formal art education, it focused on lithograpy and etching.  I had never really painted until five years ago. A neighbor and close friend encouraged me to take an adult education class at a local High School, and I ended up taking several classes in succession. I went from hiding in the corner to becoming an active participant, because her teaching style was warm and encouraging. She suggested I start entering competitions, and that was the start of the wonderful, successful journey that I am so grateful for.

I fully committed to my craft. This was not a hardship, since my most joyous moments became those when I was painting.  I took workshops with several artists and studied with Catherine Kehoe at Mass Art. Before taking a class with Catherine, I had only used acrylics. Oils were required for her class, so I thought: no better way than to dive right in. I began to use the mantra, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and approached painting with a new fearlessness.

The inspiration for my work comes from daily life. It’s as if I have trained myself to continually look for “paintings” all around me. If I have the luxury, I sketch and make color notations from life. I then take many, many photos, because sometimes the slightest, often fleeting, light, shadow, or gesture can make a world of difference.

To date, I have won over 30 awards and show in numerous galleries. I have no regrets about waiting so long to get started because I believe things happen at certain times for a reason. I embraced staying at home with my children, and am now embracing this time for myself. Its a difficult transition for many women, so I speak openly about the trials and triumphs of this time of my life in the hope of encouraging other mothers to put themselves out there, take a risk.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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