Overachievers: Petunias

Overachievers – My Petunias

Petunias make such a beautiful statement. I don’t know why I neglected to plant them for so many years. I look forward to deadheading the spent blooms each day, giving more life to all the other buds about to bloom! This plant is doing remarkable with very little care other than water and deadheading. The table in this photo is pretty big, so this planter is STUNNING.

However… SOMETHING or SOMEONE is eating my petunias in the front yard. We have them in a pretty flower pot on a low stump in the yard. They were magnificent, and the flowers still are, however, someone is eating from the center. The greens and the flowers.

Who knows who or what it may be and what can I do (hopefully avoiding major poison).

Catch you back here tomorrow!




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