161 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC

161 East Bay Street, Charleston, SC

We rode through downtown Charleston on our way home and I snapped a few photos. This is while many were boarding up their homes in preparation for Hurricane Dorian.

This is such a cool building. I love the brick. The stop light adds so much character. This building has been a few different restaurants in my day. I remember it as East Bay Trading Company (a long time ago!), then Southend Brewery and Smokehouse – then Lagunitas leased the building to open a tap room, they started a renovation project and then had to opt out of renewing their lease because the projects were adding up. The owners of this building have completed renovation and are looking for a TBD restaurant on the first level (no brewery this time) and even spaces on the 2nd floor as well as a roof top deck for events. I just read about it check out the images. Wow!

Enjoy what’s left of your weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!





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