Charleston, SC Marsh

Marsh | Charleston, SC

Isn’t this stunning? These clouds go one forever, the marsh – the fabulous grass, the reflections. I almost ALWAYS miss this shot because my phone is in my purse and I completely forget that off of this busy I-526 road is something that looks like a dream. #happytofinallycaptureit

This is the scene that we see so much in Charleston. I never take it for granted. It’s far too beautiful. I always want to pull over and take time to get more shots, better shots, but I have to settle for snapping photos as the passenger at 60MPH or whatever the speed limit is. This is a beautiful city!

Reminder that TUESDAY is ELECTION DAY! Do your part, read about the candidates and make an effort to get out and vote. If you can take someone with you, that’s even better! Do your research, read about the candidates! Have good reason to back them. Every position that is voted on is important. It may not seem important, but every single position MATTERS and can make a difference in your every day life!

Catch you back here tomorrow!





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