I voted, will you? #everyvotematters

Having the freedom to vote is powerful. We should take it so seriously. I hear people say they don’t vote in the “small” elections. ALL elections are important. There is no job too insignificant to not care who is voted for. We have to take the time to research (unbiased news sources) and come to our own conclusions.

Remember that your local elections can be some of the most powerful in terms of how you are represented (or not) where you live. These are tough jobs, and the people who are elected are the foundation of how your local area is supported on issues. Over time, if they become unresponsive to the communities needs as a whole it’s sometimes best to go with someone who has done their homework, who is excited about the chance to make things better. If they have continued to stand strong, come up with ideas to propel your area into the future, by all means, they are still in the running!

There is a website that can help you make informed decisions. So before you head out, check out BalletReady.org, mentioned by the Huffington Post (and many others) as a great source of seeing the ballot prior to entering the voting booth! You simply enter your address to pull up the ballot specific for you. This is so helpful! It shows the candidates and their views on issues they feel strongly about. This helps you make an informed decision! Currently, this website shows information for 31 states. Check it out!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

*Disclosure: If you see me in the line to vote, it’s because my blog posts at 6AM, therefore I haven’t actually voted, but am absolutely going to be there come rain or shine! 





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