A New Year, Two Views – Don’t Miss This with Marc Hanson and Dottie Leatherwood!

A New Year, Two Views
Marc Hanson & Dottie Leatherwood

Marc Hanson and Dottie Leatherwood. A dynamic duo in the art world, to say the least. I respect both of these artists so much. Their work is always above and beyond. Together they work magic.

I love how they go out and paint together – Some of you may remember Marc Hanson did 3 paintings a day for one month. It was back when he lived in Colorado. It was a freezing cold time of year and he went out and painted three paintings. Every. Single. Day. Despite wicked weather. This time, Marc and Dottie are going to each paint at least 3 – 9×12″ paintings every day for the entire month of January (2020).

No. Matter. What. Whoa! Now THAT is dedication! You can participate daily by following along on their Salt Marsh Studio blog and Facebook link. Personally, I cannot wait to follow along and see what they’ve painted each day!

This info is from Marc Hanson’s blog PAINTING MY WAY THROUGH LIFE:

Join them via the comfort of your own home! Catch you back here tomorrow!

ALL IMAGES/INFO VIA Marc Hanson and Dottie Leatherwood, USED WITH PERMISSION…

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