Looking like spring in Charleston, SC!

It sure looks like spring in Charleston, South Carolina!

Winter in Charleston… if you ask me, it’s been warmer than normal, if you ask my husband, he will say it has been FREEZING. We are so compatible except when it comes to temperature (and sometimes music, haha – although that’s getting better… I think) – we are polar opposites. If I am dressed warm, he’s got shorts and a t-shirt on. If I’m dressed cooler, he’s bundled up like he lives in Alaska.

Like many places it’s cool one day and warm the next. A/C one day, heat the next few days. Like those who live “Up North” we dress in layers, then you don’t end up too cold or too hot. #winwin

This tulip tree is beautiful. I just couldn’t catch it on a sunny day. It shows its beauty year after year with the entire tree blooming like crazy. I love winter! This is still technically winter… spring arrives 3/19. So I’m going to enjoy it while I can!

✍️Until next time…





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