Happy Spring – It’s Official!

Happy Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring. I have to say it’s quite beautiful here right now. So much is blooming right now, especially the azaleas – WOW! Their beautiful display of bright pink blooms (depending upon the variety) is magnificent. Azaleas pretty much line our entire street. This is an older neighborhood and live oaks and azaleas were commonly planted, which I am so thankful for!

Soon the Lagustrums (shrubs) will be flowering and they smell divine, along with Wisteria, Confederate Jasmine and Tea Olives – we have everything but the Wisteria. The scent of Wisteria reminds me of the Lilac tree we had growing up, very similar!

It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but even my Violets and Christmas Cactus are flowering! Again! I think they’re very competitive, ha!

Have a beautiful day… 🌸 HAPPY SPRING!

✍️Until next time… Be safe out there!





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