40th Anniversary Chicken Coop by Our Town Plans (For Country Living)

40th Anniversary Chicken Coop by Our Town Plans

This is the 40th Anniversary Chicken Coop for Country Living by  Our Town Plans!

Living through this Covid 19 Pandemic with groceries often out of stock, it would be so nice to have chickens. At least you would have eggs! Chickens have already become “the hot thing”, I think they may become even hotter after all of this!

This is a fancy chicken coop, if I were a chicken, I do believe I would like it here. I would opt for the optional plexiglass windows above the nesting boxes – I think it would be nice to see out and to have light!

This is one fancy chicken coop! (Read more about it HERE) – They’ve made it so convenient with hinges on the door where you clean out the coop as well as where you reach in to gather the eggs! (There is even  a hinged door for safety purposes to keep them in at night) – Fancy gable vents so that they have plenty of air, windows with shutters, two roosting dowels, and  a wonderful door (that also hinges) that can be opened during the day with a ramp leading into the yard.

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All images via OurTownPlans.com, used with permission…
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2 thoughts on “40th Anniversary Chicken Coop by Our Town Plans (For Country Living)

    1. There’s a chicken coop in a few neighborhoods near us, they are loud and wake people up early, so maybe that’s why they aren’t super popular, ha ha. We are up early so that part is fine. Charlie would be so busy barking at the chickens. What fun, ha ha… xo


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