Nothing Could Be Finer – Botany Bay – Edisto, SC

Botany Bay Beauty – Edisto, SC

Botany Bay, a wildlife preserve located a short distance from Charleston, SC – however short the drive (roughly 40 minutes) it feels like you have stepped back in time – and I mean that in the best way possible. Your head is filled with beauty and it fills your heart as well…

Botany Bay is a great place to ride through. When you sign in you can pick up a map (donations accepted, but it does not cost to enter) then deposit it back into the box when you exit (or at least that’s how it used to be pre-Covid19 – you will see signage). Our last trip was a quick one, a short getaway, we never got out of the car (had Charlie with us). Botany Bay has to have the happiest animals/critters – I swear, if I was an animal, I would try my best to make my way to Botany Bay. #nothingcouldbefiner

You’ve heard me mention the beach at Botany Bay- it’s a beach to walk, with a lot of trees – you will want to take photos or sit and take it all in to remember it. #leavenotrace Don’t leave anything and do not take any shells… there is usually a volunteer to be sure the beaches are kept as they should be. You will respect that once you see it. #itsnotyourtypicalbeach

✍️ Until next time…



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