Coneflowers on Monhegan Island!

Coneflowers on Monhegan (a few years ago)

Coneflowers. They are so bright and beautiful… I absolutely love them! There is such a happiness about them – Mother Nature is one heck of an artist. 😉 Absolute perfection! #dontmesswithmothernature #beauty

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Just look at the detail of the center of the coneflowers… magnificent, isn’t it? The bright pink petals are STUNNING against the bright green leaves.

I snapped this photo on Monhegan Island (Maine) several years ago – it’s a stretch of beautiful flowers that I can never make my way past without stopping to take (many, many) photos. We will miss Maine this year and will also miss Michigan 😢 – it is my wish that EVERYONE will start wearing a mask (and wear it covering nose and mouth) – so that there is a chance we can get back to some semblance of normalcy. I know we are far from the only people missing out on a vacation – We’re happy to stay home if it can help stop the spread.

✍️ Until next time… ENJOY your weekend!

📸 Image by Barbara Stroud (me!)


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