A Smile During Trying Times!

A special “Charlie” 🐾 treat creation…

I love creating treats for Charlie, our Jack Russel with a history of pancreatitis. For years he’s only gotten his ultra low fat prescription dog food, and occasional piece of pasta or tablespoon of rice, a little no fat Greek yogurt and veggies of all kinds.

After we have dinner, he wants his own “special” treat of some kind. I usually make something with veggies that I have cut up in the fridge or a spoonful of leftover plain pasta that I can make a cool “abstract” with, ha ha.

This creation has one or two diagonal slices of carrot sliced into thin pieces, two peas, a little piece of cucumber and a smile of zucchini. I smoothed out a little no fat Greek yogurt first. The anticipation while I’m doing this is fabulous. This dog LOVES his veggies. Next time your dog wants a special treat, give it a whirl, it’s addictive, ha ha.

✍️ Until next time… Happy Saturday!

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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