The Bluebird Cottage House Plan (SL 2026) by Sailer Design!

Bluebird Cottage by Sailer Design

Small but mighty! This guest suite has such charm, I think it’s fabulous – Love the lines of it, very classy. This looks lovely painted this wonderful creamy white, it compliments the roofing and pavers, everything about this is exquisite!

This is the Bluebird Cottage (SL 2026) house plan by Alyson Sailer of Sailer Design for Southern Living. This small house plan is 619 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. I always look at plans and think how I would change it to suit me. I would fit in a little coffee area somewhere 😉 – when you look at the (real life) images on Sailer’s website, they help you picture this plan – just beautiful!

Bluebird Cottage Plan by Sailer Design

The Bluebird Cottage has one bedroom, sitting room (with fireplace!) bathroom, and a closet. This plan has such fabulous lines to it – the interior is as fabulous as the exterior! The upstairs is a loft space which could be used for another bed, storage (or so many other things!) I’m afraid if I were a guest I would never want to leave!

Actually, this entire plan could be used as a private oasis for those who may now be working from home, it would also make a stunning office, art studio, or just a getaway to relax!

Sailer Design

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