Charlie Searching The Palm Tree…

Charlie and the Palm!

We have a palm tree in our backyard that popped up on its own. You see them all over the Lowcountry. I love the tropical flair they bring to the yard. They start just as a tropical growth, palmy looking more like a plant. They grow quickly, provide shade and the most wonderful relaxing sounds when there is the slightest wind. #itmakestheyardanoasis

Charlie has a fascination with this palm. The palm, the monkey grass (liriope), the creepy crawlies that live within (sounds like the title of a book, “The Creepy Crawlies That Live Within”). He chases them, mostly the “lizzies”, the small green lizards with the bright red throat bubble that pops up now and then. They’re everywhere! He is such a Jack Russell…

Short posts for a bit, lots going on… #tryingtokeepupyall

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


2 thoughts on “Charlie Searching The Palm Tree…

  1. When Charlie makes an appearance, just makes my day.
    Wrote once before saying — hope to meet y’all some day strolling in C’town!
    My kitty (who works as studio assistant, curator, COVID companion) sits @ patio door patiently waiting for Lizzies; this will remind me of Charlie.

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