Spring has sprung!

Azaleas Blooming in Abundance

Well! Winter went by quickly, don’t you think? We’ve had buds on trees and shrubs for a while now. It’s so beautiful to see. I like Spring, it’s a pretty time – the scents wafting from the various plants smell divine! It can be pollen filled, but still beautiful!


It’s hard to imagine that Spring is already here! Take advantage of all the blooms – take it all in. Hold on to the good feeling it gives you. Remember where we were a year ago… The COVID vaccine appears to be reaching more and more people. It’s hard to have patience when you just want to get out and do the normal, mundane, every day tasks that we all took for granted. What a blessing once we can resume #lifeasweknewit

Get outside if you can (or at least open your curtain/blinds or window if appropriate) take in the beautiful season before it gets warm and humid. If you’re in an area other than the Charleston, SC area follow this advice as soon as you can. Although, something tells me that you already know that! #itswhatwealllookforwardto

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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