Oak tree blowing in the wind…

Blowing in the wind #loop

These grand oak trees are everywhere in Charleston, South Carolina. They’re stunning, magnificent and oh, so striking! I’ve written about them many times. They have the Resurrection fern that grows on many of them. Look at the trunk above and see the crunchy brown looking fern attached to the tree, that’s a resurrection fern. If it rains it is stunning and bright green. Once the rain is gone and the tree gets dry it turns brown and crunchy again.

Happy Saturday y’all! So much going on in life right now. It’s hard to take a moment to slow down and #breathe But it’s all good 🤞 Just stretched thin just like many of you… Looking at the hydrangeas in our yard, or the moss swaying in the oak trees, or the birds, or just the trees moving with wind is so relaxing. Charlie 🐾 loves to watch the birds, I follow his lead. Sit back and look up into the sky… ahhh #peace!

Here’s to slower times coming soon 🙏 for now we will roll with whatever happens. We are blessed so it’s better to look on the bright side and think of what to be grateful for, right?

Hope your plans bring a smile to your face today… Take an extra minute to make someone smile – and maybe it will carry on from person to person! #themorethemerrier ☀️✨🙌

✍️ Until next time…


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