The Edgewater Carriage House Plan by Yankee Barn Homes

Edgewater Carriage House by Yankee Barn Homes

I love barn homes. There is a special ✨magic✨ about them. They can be as exquisite and fancy as you like or as warm and comfortable with a more relaxing vibe. This plan has a garage/pool room downstairs with a living space upstairs. The living space isn’t an afterthought, that’s for sure! So many windows – there is stunning light in every space! I could live there happily!

Edgewater Carriage House by Yankee Barn Homes

This is the Edgewater Carriage house plan by Yankee Barn Homes. This plan is 1,050 square feet with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It’s a spacious (for its square footage) plan that is absolutely exquisite! When you click on the house plan link, you’ll see real images. One looks like a stall that they made into a bunk room. I absolutely LOVE this idea! The bathroom and washer dryer is located on the first floor.

Edgewater Carriage House by Yankee Barn Homes

This is the main living space (upstairs) – the only thing that I would want to change for us is to have the bar area become a small bathroom, tub, toilet, shower and a nice cabinet for storage if possible. We most likely wouldn’t use a bar space, but a bathroom on the same floor is always nice.

What a fabulous plan!

Yankee Barn Homes

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✍️ Happy October!! Until next time…

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