Light and Shadows: When One Door Closes…

Kitchen Swing Door from 1931

I love living in a house built in the 1930’s. The charm and character can’t be beat. We found this old swing door in the attic of the garage many years ago, we cleaned it up, painted it and hung it. Now, when we need privacy in the kitchen (Fred’s WFH office is on the other side of that door. Since he’s on conference call after conference call, I close the door if I’m going to be in the kitchen, or if the dog acts up with UPS, FedEx, Amazon, USPS, any human, animal, etc. that moves past our house). I cannot imagine having a kitchen without it…

Which brings me to open floor plans, which I happen to love. When watching HGTV, I see why so many people want them (to keep an eye on young children) – but those young children grow up (and fast!). One more thing… less space to hang art. I cannot imagine! I love an open plan, and probably the majority that I feature are open because that’s what people like. Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I really like actual rooms that can be closed off. I think back to when Charlie tore his CCL (like an ACL in humans) – surgery, rehab that included REST. A Jack Russell RESTING??? It was months of listening to George Winston, Nature Sounds and anything else that would soothe him and help him to fall back asleep until he healed. We had to keep him confined to a crate for a period of time, but would let him out to be near us for short periods. We couldn’t have done that with an open plan. If someone came to the door or even walked by he would have bolted, doing his duty of keeping us safe. #blesshisheart So I am thankful for our French doors, swing door and regular doors that help us to be able to partition off an area when needed.

The photo… Light moves so quickly in the afternoon. I looked up and saw the way the light hit the swing door and the refrigerator. #wow Grabbed my phone and snapped a photo. My first thought, “When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens” – so keep that in mind when things get frustrating. It’s a saying that offers hope, and what is better than HOPE?

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)

6 thoughts on “Light and Shadows: When One Door Closes…

  1. Heather Locke

    I have lived with both designs. Our NH 1846 house had eight rooms. Symmetrical design. Every room connected in two separate directions to other rooms. I could run track on either floor! I loved that house. The house of dreams. Three chimneys. The ell was fascinating, a large family room. During oil crisis times we could close off rooms and pull ourselves into the ell family room which also contained the kitchen. When we designed our Maine home for retirement, we borrowed the ell design of old.
    So today, as I type this message, I am in a great room, kitchen, dining, living. Behind me there is a library with fireplace behind pocket doors. That room offers that cozy feeling of a single room. Where I sit at the moment in the great room there is a VT Castings gas stove. Fire, hearths, being central to comfort.

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  2. Susan Graeber

    i agree with you i love a separate dining room from kitchen esp where’s there’s space for eat in kitchen For me it’s the light Our back of house is all large picture windows for the living room and dining room . Then all glass sunroom. But each room offers a different color and purpose . And room for artwork . books, plants, and a dog . Now grandkids to run when visiting as well

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    1. Your home sounds beautiful, Susan. I LOVE light, it’s a necessity. Dark and gloomy is, well… dark and gloomy, haha. We have our blinds open 99% of the time, only when intense sunlight is coming through side windows in late afternoon in the summer do we close them for a short time. I love separate rooms. We move our rooms around which is so fun. A WFH office space “the library” (original dining room), the dining room with fireplace (original living room), a sunroom (originally a side porch) and the living space where we sit at night (originally a large bedroom turned into living space by previous owner). Most furniture has been in at least 4 rooms, ha ha… having space for art is essential! 😉


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