Healthy, Wealthy & Wise…

A beacon of hope always… these trees are magical!

Happy New Year! Sending wishes for a wonderful New Year! May it be filled with everything you love, and nothing you don’t. A new year, a new attitude. Speaking of New Year’s… with it comes resolutions. Do you partake? I usually don’t, but I think I will this year. #whatcanithurt

Resolutions. Humph. Many of us find them pesky. If you don’t make one you can’t break one, right? Most resolutions are set quite high and aren’t always achieved therefore letting you down. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Pick something no matter how small, and see if you can stick with it. Whether it’s exercise, bringing someone who doesn’t get out a treat or lunch on occasion, reading to small children, helping someone learn how to do something (knit, paint, crotchet, cut grass, whatever, it doesn’t matter what or how small). Just because it seems like a small effort to you doesn’t mean the recipient doesn’t feel a much larger effect.

I am a walker. Always have been. I can cover some territory, but I can also find a reason not to (cold, rain, etc.) – In the summer it seems like we walk no matter what, but when the weather turns cold we can sometimes find an excuse. It’s better to get up, get out and get it done! Also going to add in other weight bearing exercises since I’m no longer “young” and really need to keep the strength I’ve got. #makeitfun

May this year find you HEALTHY, physically as well as in thoughts and deeds. WEALTHY in love, friendship and all things that truly matter and WISE beyond your years.


✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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