Featured Artist: Shelley Newman!

Where the River Bends by Shelley Newman 36 x 48 Oil/Canvas | **S O L D**

SHELLEY NEWMAN, a fabulous artist from Canada with a distinctively different style and color palette. I love her colorful landscapes made up of wonderful shapes, thick paint and gorgeous color. From the magnificent trees (love!) to the rivers – every one is fabulous, which is why they sell so quickly.

I think of Shelley’s paintings as an “abstract reality”. You know what subject matter is in the painting, but the way that she paints it is different. Celebrating shapes and movement instead of painting and exact replica of what she sees. It’s not easy to have your own style that someone can pick out one of your paintings, see it and say “This one is Shelley Newman’s” just by the style!

Be sure to check out Shelley’s paintings, they sell quickly, so keep that in mind. Unfortunately the featured painting is SOLD, but, hey, that’s a good thing!

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Born in Windsor Ontario, Shelley studied commercial art and continued studying art as a part time student at various studios and schools in Toronto including OCAD. She worked for several years professionally in advertising and design.During these years Shelley was never far from a canvas and always had a painting on the go. Shelley worked in oils, watercolours, acrylics, printmaking, life drawing and pottery, but always returned to oils. Because of the richness and luminosity, she continued to develop her skills in oils and have stayed with them since the 1990’s.Since moving to Georgetown Ontario in 2011, Shelley has been able to focus exclusively on painting. She have been in numerous solo, group and juried shows, in 2015 I became an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists and in 2019 I became an Elected Member of the Ontario Society of Artists.The subject matter of Shelley’s work is the landscape where her style has evolved from realism into contemporary impressionism. After being selected as Artist in Residence in 2016 at the Red Door Gallery in Georgetown, she was then selected as a studio artist at Williams Mill Visual Arts Centre where she worked for 5 years in her public studio, before moving back to her home base. Shelley is represented by Koyman Galleries and Oxtongue Crafts Cabin and Gallery and her originals and prints are enjoyed across Canada, the United states and around the world.

IMAGE AND BIO VIA shelleynewman-paintings.com, USED WITH PERMISSION…

✍️ Until next time!

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