Reminder: It’s orange season!

It’s Orange Season! (Photo taken at Whole Foods) – Cara Cara Oranges

Who can’t resist the ubiquitous orange? Sure, they may be available everywhere all year long, but you know it’s true season is NOW! They are 100% tastier than they are other times of the year (although they’re still good then they are no comparison). And who can’t use a Vitamin C boost right now, right?

I snapped that photo at Whole Foods. I noticed it and thought FOCUS… then my husband noticed it and asked if I was going to take a photo, hehe. 🙌

Have you ever had a Sumo orange? They’re quite large (from the ones that I’ve seen over the past few years). Fred and I usually split one. They are beyond incredible. You absolutely will not believe the amount of flavor in every single bite. They’re addicted and pricey… Their normal season I believe is Jan-May and then *poof* they’re gone. I read that this year they were going to package in boxes. So if you’re used to looking for them individually, that may be why you think you haven’t seen them yet.

I’ll be looking 👀for them on my next trip out, cannot wait. #hopetoscore 💃🕺😆

Update! Sumo oranges are currently at Publix, Harris Teeter and Whole Foods. They are $$$$ but delicious!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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