Sumo Oranges – In Season!

Sumo Oranges

Looking for a tasty treat? Something that is healthy and full of everything good in the world? LOOK NO FURTHER, you’ve found it with a Sumo orange. They’re a beautiful color, peel easily (although I slice, we eat and the orange comes right off the peel). #heaven

Sumo Oranges. Have you heard of them? Wildly delicious, they are the most delectable treat. They’re only around for a short time (Jan – Apr) so if you see them, grab a few. They aren’t cheap (they’re heavy). We usually split one, I was able to get them on sale a few times. They are such a treat.

If you love oranges, you will LOVE a Sumo orange. Read more about them HERE. #wildlydelicious

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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