My Favorite Shrimp Recipes!

Med Pasta with Shrimp

We live in Charleston, SC where we’re very fortunate that we can buy good seafood. Freshest… always! I usually buy a pound or two and freeze in 1/2 pound portions (just pop in freezer bags) – perfect for two people. The recipe above is SO GOOD. The spinach pasta is essential – I tried it with regular pasta and it just wasn’t the same. Artichokes are full of fiber and add so much flavor, so I used an entire jar (small jar). I think the red pepper (and I’m not a pepper fan) is also pretty necessary. It adds such wonderful flavor, and red peppers are much sweeter than green peppers which are picked before they’re ripe (if left to ripen they would be red peppers as well). Feta… absolutely necessary – it adds the kick, and because it’s fairly up there sodium-wise I don’t add salt, only pepper. Read on for the our top five shrimp recipes… haven’t had some of them in a while, which is what spurred this post. If I can’t think of a recipe, I use the SEARCH feature on my website and enter an ingredient that I’ve got and see what comes up. It’s funny how you can forget about recipes after a while!

These are just a few of our favorites. Shrimp is plentiful and we have it often. In the summer we have boiled shrimp when it’s hot outside, something cool and refreshing is so good – in the colder months we make these recipes:

For more shrimp recipes – use the SEARCH (right hand column if you’re on a desktop, and the magnifying icon top right of screen on an iPad, mobile phone, etc.) and type SHRIMP 🦐

Well, y’all – it’s the beginning of FEBRUARY! Enjoy every minute!

✍️ Until next time…


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