Shrimp Orzo Salad…

Shrimp Orzo Salad

If you’re thinking that this seems familiar, I have posted it before. However when I made it, (I am quite consistent in doing this, yay, Me!) I dished it up and we sat down and ate. 😳 All that work… and no photo. I don’t care for a recipe with no photo. I’ve got to see what it looks like! So I took what I had left and put it in a tiny bowl… and it looks like orzo salad in a tiny bowl 🙄

A few days ago I made this recipe again. This is especially good when the weather is warm, but there is no bad time for this recipe! I like to roast the shrimp and tomatoes on a lined cookie sheet (doesn’t take long) – after you cook the orzo you just toss everything together. You can eat it warm or chill it. It’s delicious both ways. I forgot I had bought a banana pepper… that’s good in this salad. Sometimes I also chop a cucumber and put some in right before we eat it so it doesn’t get soggy.

Note: If you want to throw this together quicker, just boil the shrimp and slice the tomatoes. It won’t have the wonderful sweetness that comes from roasting, but it’ll still be good!

Here’s the link to the SHRIMP AND ORZO SALAD WITH ROASTED SHRIMP AND TOMATOES – enjoy! SEE WHAT I MEAN about the tiny bowl of salad? Ha ha, what was I thinking? I will replace that photo, but will give you a chance at a chuckle first, haha.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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