Charleston’s abundant camellias!

Camellias in Charleston, SC

Spring in Charleston is literally an explosion of color. The stunning array of bright colors and scents wafting through the air are absolutely magical. This is my very favorite part about spring. The bees look happy, the birds are very busy and I’m watching the larger birds swoop from branch to branch. #itsajungleoutthere

There are so many camellias in Charleston – they’re gorgeous, it’s fun to see the different colors and varieties. In combination with the azaleas, it’s a beautiful sight. Our ligustrums (shrubs) are budding, and I am looking so forward to the unbelievable scent that they provide. It’s nice to have the door cracked to let it in the house – it’s like the best candle ever!

With all this beauty around us, I truly am thankful. It’s hard to get my mind off of Ukraine and their people. What’s happening in the world is devastating to watch. Do what you can to help, whether it be time, money, or items that they need.

⏰REMINDER to set your clocks AHEAD one hour if your area participates in Daylight Saving Time 🥴 – “Spring Forward”… 😴😴😴

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!)


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