Everywhere I go…

Everywhere I go, I find myself snapping a few photos. I loved the color of these bright and happy flowers (I believe I was at Lowes for something, but always wander past the flowers and sneak a few photos). Something to give you a cheerful start to your day. After all, it is Saturday, woohoo!

What are some things you find yourself taking photos of? Your children? Dog? Food? They all make fantastic subjects, don’t they?

Do you have anything grand planned for this weekend? Yay if you do, yay if you don’t 😉 I’m not thinking we have anywhere to be and that’s a good feeling. Since it is summer, I need to come up with a nice, cool, meal for today. Ideas? #hitmeup

Enjoy today (and everyday!) – find the good in everything. #smile

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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