Featured Artist: Dennis Campay!

Blue Easy Chair by Dennis Campay 22″ x 39″ Work on Paper | Shain Gallery

Dennis Campay. Refreshingly different. Happy paintings (love the sun shining in many of them!). A treat for the senses for sure. It’s always nice when you look at a painting and it makes you smile. What a gift. To be able to draw and sketch so loosely isn’t easy.

I think there is so much creativity that went into these paintings. Take a look for yourself. A few of my favorites (but I think they’re all equally fabulous!): When you look at each painting there is so much in them. The city scenes are alive with hustle and bustle. I love the kitchen scene with the list and the telephone on the wall, The Geese… oh, along with the cool geese, the piano with sheet music and the THE LIGHT FIXTURE are brilliant… I could go on and on about each painting, but I’ll let you make your own decision!


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About the artist, Dennis Campay:(read the bio in its entirety HERE):

“Dennis Campay was born in 1950 in Portsmouth, Virginia. He began his artistic career at the age of 37. Campay received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Atlanta College of Art at age 42. Considered to be one of the most classic visual storytellers, Campay invites the viewer into his richly colored worlds of reverie, reality, intimacy and spiritual journey.”

Campay takes a question or observation and connects those principals and theories with emblems, symbols and signs, creating the imagery represented in many of his architectural compositions. This philosophy, combined with his passion for drawing, which he describes himself as “a central component of [his] work and creative process”, enables him to construct pictures that embody proportion, harmony, and spirituality. His work weaves a tapestry of stories, that leaves much for the viewer to feel and reflect upon. Campay has participated in numerous solo and group shows, throughout his nearly four-decade career, and is the recipient of a plethora of awards.” 


✍️ Until next time!


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