The Jib House Plan by Allison Ramsey!

The Jib House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects (16404-1)

A new collection from the team of architects at Allison Ramsey! They’ve been hard at work in Belize (of all places!) and they’ve turned out some stunning house plans. I think this is a great plan for so many people (and so many living situations)! The Jib has a great look both inside and out. I absolutely adore this porch, all the windows and the back screened porches!

This is the JIB house plan by Allison Ramsey Architects (16404-1). This plan is 986 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 lofts – What a cool plan! The JIB House Plan is from the Caribbean Collection Vol. 1 – creative new house plans that the Allison Ramsey architects created in Belize. Fabulous plans – check out their website to see photos of the interior – wow!

The Jib House Plan by Allison Ramsey Architects (16404-1)

It helps so much to see the interior images (via the THIS PLAN link below) – To start, this plan has a fabulous porch that would get so much use because it’s spacious and allows furniture configuration in a variety of different ways. I love how you see through from the living/dining/kitchen – Stunning. Each side of this home has a bedroom, bathroom and screened porch. Each side also has a loft on the second floor which is accessible via a ladder than can pull out from the wall for easy access or sit flat against the wall for more room. The ladders when pulled out have a cool architectural twist that makes the room so interesting. The lofts are quite big. They could be used as sleeping quarters for children, or as a yoga/exercise/office/whateveryourheartdesires area. This is a great plan for two people who want to be together sometimes yet have their own space. Even nice as an older adult (minus the loft) and a caregiver. Close enough, but far enough apart for privacy.

I look forward to sharing more of these plans in the future – hope you enjoy! Links are below!

Allison Ramsey Architects

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  This Plan

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