Sculptural Live Oak Tree with Palm

In our area of Charleston, SC we are so fortunate to be surrounded (literally) by Live Oak trees. Their majestic beauty makes this older neighborhood so special. I love how people ride through this area admiring the beauty. One couple stopped us while we were out walking. They passed by in their car and we waved. They circled the block and then stopped to say that they were out admiring the beauty of our neighborhood – they said they truly enjoyed it. #wow Our neighborhood works hard to keep our character – in a city that is ever-changing – we are trying to hold on to something so special.

Most people who live in this area have lived here quite a while. A few are new to the area (welcome!) – everyone is in love with the trees – despite a lot of hard work (they shed leaves and “squiggles” in the spring more than most trees in other areas in the fall – they drop leaves and acorns in the fall – like I mentioned, it’s a lot of work, but so worth the beauty they bring.

We were taking a walk around the block and when I looked up I saw a palm growing out of the crook of the tree. Is that determination or what? I love the unexpected! Always be on the lookout for it!

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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