The Grasshopper Lamp in Light with Shadows!

Light and shadows are two of my favorite things. I love to see morning or evening light hitting subject and creating a remarkable shadow. I especially love shadows on brick – the way our gas light has sharp outlines onto the brick certain times of day – and the way this lamp shows off it’s sleek design – all captured with shadows.

I am constantly in search of beautiful scenes. I have so many photos (too many) of every little thing that crosses my path that is beautiful, inspiring, endearing or just makes me smile for no reason. I am not a selfie taker (awful, awful, awful) – I take photos of other people, in their best light – highlighting their strengths, dogs- who can resist? My flower photos are never-ending, Water views – nothing better – or the ice floating down the river in front of my parents house – awe inspiring! Even the little weed growing in the middle of a concrete jungle with no hope of survival, yet it thrives. Be on the lookout for things that make you (or anyone else) smile. 🌿

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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