It’s Spring! What to plant?

When the sun is shining (which it isn’t in this photo) – and the days turn warmer – who likes to head out to their favorite location to purchase flowers to plant? I think so many of us do. Flowers bring happiness and cheer (especially if you can snip a few to bring indoors!) – Our stunning orange violet is on its way out, sadly. It has been a bright pot of cheer all winter. (Not my garden pictured above 😉).

The days have turned warmer, and soon, even our geranium will have to find other living accommodations. They don’t like too much (hot) sun – when the sun moves to our front porch and bakes the geranium we move it to the backyard so that it’s in dappled shade. It will still get some sun, but not that direct (brutal) sun that will be on the front porch.

So many choices, we walk around and take it all in. Once we figure where we want the planted pot we see how much sun that area actually receives (it changes every year based on the growing trees/shrubs). So many beautiful (and unusual) choices!

I do know many people love to visit the nurseries for their plants, flowers, trees, herbs, ferns, etc. A few places near us have police directing traffic. Weekends are crazy!

We have planted so many things here over the years, but one thing comes to mind (thank you, Lowes) was Liriope (“Monkey Grass”) we planted in our backyard ( a lot of it ) turned out NOT to be actual Liriope, but MONDO GRASS. Ugh. (Although, both can be called “Monkey Grass”). Having a big tree that provides a lot of shade can be a challenge when trying to keep the grass growing. We opted for (what we thought was) liriope – we thought they were just small and would grow. Nope. They run, so I spend my summer digging out the pathway so that they don’t grow straight across. It’s all good – keeps me busy, and it looks nice. #delightinthelittlethings

👩‍💻 Until next time…


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