Yet another wicked cool sky…


Holler if you’re getting tired of all my sunrise/sunset photos! I swear I can’t stop snapping photos! Each moment is as mesmerizing as the next! This photo was taken in front of my parents house in Algonac, MI. Gorgeous isn’t it?! I hope you enjoy your day… get out and enjoy the sunrises and sunsets, it’s so worth it!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

Look at this incredible light on the horizon! It looks like a painting by…


Gorgeous, right? I saw this and flipped… CAMERA! WHERE. IS. MY. CAMERA?!!! This is the sun setting from behind the house which throws the most gorgeous warm light on the island across the river. STUNNING golden light that makes everything look absolutely spectacular! Look at the brilliance of those trees in the foreground! As soon as I saw this I thought… MARC HANSON! A fabulously talented artist from Colorado. His paintings mesmerize me. I cannot believe how he can turn out one after another and each is as awesome as the next. These trees are MARC HANSON TREE’S! I swear they are! Check out his work if you get a chance, I have no doubt you’ll agree with me! Nice guy, and he has so much talent!

Here’s an example of one of his paintings, this one graced the cover of Southwest Art magazine, see what I mean with the trees?

MarcHanson RightOrLeft MH

“Right or Left?” by Marc Hanson

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Photo: Ahhh, the way life should be! Relax and enjoy!

Now don’t you think this is the way life should be? Like a nice summer vacation. Where there is time for sitting and reading, or sitting by the river and watching all there is to see (it can be more entertaining than television, that’s for sure!). My parents live on the St. Clair River in Algonac, MI… the views are amazing… the sunsets are out of this world! My dad made these adirondack chairs, they have nice fluffy cushions, and it makes a great place to sit.

Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in that chair right now? Me too! These chairs remind me of the Island Inn on Monhegan (Maine). Nothing like sitting and reading or watching the water!

Monhegan Island, Maine – Island Inn Adirondack chairs… Fred reading while he waits for me… 

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Artist to watch… BRIDGET JENNINGS!

A wonderful artist to keep an eye on is Bridget Jennings. You can look at Bridget’s paintings for a while and always see something fresh and new. Her Mackinac Island paintings are so happy (AND such a great souvenier, better than some old bauble that’s going to get tossed into the first garage sale pile!) and bright. Her light and almost whimsical airiness gives the store front paintings such character. Bridget lives and paints in Algonac, MI where she grew up on the river and her local paintings reflect her love of the water. There are boats everywhere in Algonac, and Bridget can paint them! Check out her website!

Below are three of her paintings, the first one is DOCKED UNDER THE WILLOWS  (Algonac, MI) the second is KILWIN’S FUDGE SHOP  (Mackinac Island, MI) and the last one is MONHEGAN MOORING  (Monhegan Island, ME), it’s a small taste of the collection that she has painted! Enjoy!

Docked Under the Willows
Kilwin’s Fudge Shop
Monhegan Mooring

  Bridget is more than a great artist… she’s my sister, and she’s the best!

Bridget painting on Mackinac Island, MI