Artist Elizabeth Pollie captured the beast… perfectly! Study #17.. Charlie!

charlie by elizabeth pollie

Study #17 by Elizabeth Pollie, Image Via Elizabeth Pollie

I almost fell and couldn’t get up. Seriously. When I saw the image come across on my phone, that tiny image on my Blackberry, I truly thought it was the photo of Charlie until I went to the computer and pulled up Facebook. Artist Elizabeth Pollie has been doing a study a day (30 studies/30 days) and they are so exquisite, each and every one is just breathtaking. You wonder how ONE person can have so much talent!? It boggles my mind.

Charlie is “Study #17”. Wow! It is so perfect that words truly escape me. I simply cannot stop looking at it. (STUDY? I say to myself? If I were to paint something that wonderful, I would declare myself a master and call it a day! Hee)

This is the image that was on my blog post entitled You again? Ugh…! from February 23, 2013. Elizabeth commented on that post and said that it looked like a painting… so I quickly emailed her back letting her know she was more than welcome to the image! That evening I saw the painting pop up on Facebook.

Will she just go away?

I. Almost. Fell. Over.  Elizabeth’s painting is so fabulous that it brings tears to my eyes. Wow. Am I weird? Ha ha…

Elizabeth Pollie shows her work locally here in Charleston, SC at the Horton Hayes Gallery. She is a phenomenal artist with more than just talent. This woman can SEE. She is so perceptive that she picked up the very essence of Charlie. You must check out her work, you will be floored. I’m preparing you in advance. There is no higher praise I can give. More than just a great artist, she’s such a nice person, and quite hilarious. She is as eloquent with her words as she is with her paintbrush. Most all of her posts bring a smile to my face. I love that about her!

Here’s a blip about the Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art Gallery  located in Harbor Springs, MI – I can’t wait to get there one day!

Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art is located in Harbor Springs, Michigan. The gallery specializes in representational painting by nationally acclaimed artists. The focus of EPFA is on extremely high quality fine art for the discerning client. We welcome both first time buyers as well as seasoned collectors.

Please visit us in the summer at 231 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740.

Read more about Elizabeth on a previous post… or from her website.

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Featured Artist… Christine Lafuente!

ChristineLafuente BoatsInManset LaurelTraceyGallery

Boats in Manset by Christine Lafuente{Image}

Most of you know what I’m going to say… LOVE those pops of orange. Lawdy! That beautiful orange next to that rich gorgeous blue… oooowie! Makes for a nice piece! The palette is nice, the composition is serene and happy… kind of like you’re on the back of one of those boats with an iced tea in your hand soaking up the sun after a long winter… ok, maybe I have a wild imagination, but it’s a feel good painting for sure!

ChristineLafuenteBlueCartonsJellyJar LaurelTraceyGall

Blue Cartons & Jelly Jar by Christine Lafuente{Image}

It’s not always easy to paint everyday subjects so that they’re interesting… THIS is interesting to me… perhaps its my fondness for jars, especially with cool lids… (you can use them for SO many things!). Again, that pop of a bright color wakes this painting up leaving the rest of it nice and serene. Very nice.

Here’s a short blip about Christine from her website:

Christine Lafuente is a widely exhibited Painter and Pratt Institute Instructor. She received a Bachelors of Art in English from Bryn Mawr College (1991), a Certificate in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia (1995) and a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting from Brooklyn College (2004).

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Featured Artist… Paula Frizbe!

AtTheLakeHouse PaulaFrizbe fb

“At the Lake House” by Paula Frizbe

Paula has such a great style. I especially like this painting, called “At the Lake House” – what a dream, eh? Oh, the color of the water, the lake house, and that TREE with it’s quirky whimsical branches. This is a wonderful painting!

Paula has many more, be sure to stop by her website if you get a chance! I see that Paula is a member of Plein Air Painters of the Southeast. They also have a great Facebook page if you’re interested!

Here’s a blip about Paula from the Leiper’s Creek Gallery, located in Franklin, TN:

Paula Frizbe has been a professional oil painter for over a decade. Her career in the arts spans almost 30 years. Her professional career has afforded her painting opportunities throughout the United States and in many foreign countries. She is a signature member of The Cumberland Society of Painters, Alla Prima International and Plein-Air Painter’s of the Southeast. Her work is owned by numerous private and corporate collectors. She is currently represented by several galleries in five states in the south and southeast.
“To me, the whole idea of painting is to respond to and then convey to others my view of the world around me. I find no pleasure in reinventing the world, nor seek a self-fulfilling inward gaze. My joy comes from the pure thrill of adventure. 
The world is infinitely complex. The continual hunt for and then surprise finding of her mysteries is my sole motivation.” 
Paula Frizbe — Artist statement

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Featured Artist… Aaron Schuerr!

AaronSchuerr TheRoadToNowhere BetsyWartzFineArt

The Road To Nowhere by Aaron Schuerr


I feel as if I’m on this road, walking up this winding hill… I have my lunch in a backpack and a nice cold water, oh and maybe a Baby Ruth, you know, for safety’s sake… *ugh* let me get back on track here… I guess what I’m trying to say is… I feel as if I’m in this painting…          

I. AM. THERE.  It’s too cool when an artist can make you FEEL something… and this artist definitely makes me feel as if I am there…

The earth is amazing, the colors in the road… fabulous, the beautiful green, the mountains in the distance and THOSE TREES… those nice wild trees… makes this one spectacular painting. This painting is by Aaron Schuerr. Here’s a blip about Aaron from the Betsy Swartz Fine Art Gallery in Bozeman, Montana:

Aaron Schuerr began his art studies at the Art Institute of Chicago and then moved on to art college in Scotland. It was here, somewhat accidentally, that he was introduced to plein aire painting while out painting on the beach with a friend. As he describes “I packed up all my postmodern cleverness and became a landscape painter.” After graduation, he returned to Montana where he married his Rocky Mountain sweetheart. “In many ways, the school of nature was my best training”, says Aaron. These days he can be found loading up his field kit and heading to the Paradise Valley to paint. Working in both oil and pastel, he brings a quiet intimacy and sensitive rendering of light to the varied landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West. “I’m not just trying to paint a pretty picture; I’m trying to tell you what it was like to be there.”  Aaron’s paintings can be found in private collections in America and Scotland. He is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, a founding member of the Montana Painters Alliance, and a dedicated plein-air painter.

Check out Aaron’s website for more paintings! Also check out his blog, he’s got a sense of humor and his blog is a good read!

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Featured Artist… Marc Dalessio!

“Street in Korcula” by Marc Dalessio – Image: Ann Long

First, I want to mention the obvious. The look of my site has changed a wee bit. I think I have made it cleaner and easier to read. You aren’t on the wrong site, it’s me… I’ve just changed things a bit, let me know how you like (or don’t like) what you see! Personally, I love the orange vs. the red… but that’s me! My goal was to make it clear so you can see all that’s going on! Ok, enough admin stuff… on to the post!

Marc Dalessio is quite the artist AND quite the traveler. His website is so interesting, he shows his paintings, gives tips, talks about upcoming workshops (Swiss Alps!), check it out! He’s got lots of cool tips (i.e. what he does with his brushes when done painting). Definitely interesting whether you’re an artist or not! I was reading about where he lives between Florence, Italy (oh!!) and Zagreb, Croatia and travels quite a bit of the time to places all over the world, then I saw he was having a show at the Ann Long Fine Art Gallery (Charleston, SC) for the month of November 2012! So… if you’re in the area, you know where to go to see his work in person! From Ann Long Fine Art:

What’s so fascinating is that for each group of paintings you can see a clear difference in the color palette. For example, Italy the colors were much warmer. Marc has a clean painting style, I don’t know how to explain it… like his brush never gets dirty or mixed with a color he doesn’t want it to get mixed with. Hmmm, must be nice, ha ha…

Here’s a blip about Marc from the Ann Long Fine Art Gallery:

Marc Dalessio, born in 1972 in Los Angeles, California, is a naturalistic painter who at a young age has established himself as one of the foremost plein-air painters working today. 

Marc’s artistic training began at the University of California at Santa Cruz where he majored in biology and fine art. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 1992, he moved to Florence, Italy and trained as a portraitist for four years under Charles Cecil at his atelier. Charles H. Cecil Studios is a school of fine art that offers a thorough training in the traditional techniques of naturalistic drawing and painting. Upon completion of his first year, Marc was awarded a full scholarship, and after finishing the full course, he became an advanced painting instructor at the school. 

Articles Featuring Marc Dalessio
American Artist, 12/09 (pdf)

Currently the landscape painting instructor at the Florence Academy of Art, Marc keeps a studio in Florence, Italy but travels for much of the year. Recent painting expeditions have included Greece and Albania, Morocco, Rajasthan, Sicily, Kenya, and the Caribbean. His works are in private collections worldwide.

Did you check out the article that was in American Artist? Very good! – Catch you back here tomorrow!

Featured Artist… Alfred Peter Frank Sandford!

“Lighthouse Keeper’s House, Monhegan” by Alfred Peter Frank Sandford

You see a lot of artists paint the lighthouse on Monhegan. It’s picturesque to say the least. Alfred’s twist was so different. That loose style, bright colors and great composition really bring this painting to life! If you’re in the Wiscasset, Maine area stop in Wiscasset Bay Gallery, say hello and take a peek at some fabulous art!

Another of Monhegan… this is unbelievable… truly a masterpiece!

“Base of Whitehead, Monhegan” by Alfred Peter Frank Sandford

Here’s a blip about Alfred from the Wiscasset Bay Gallery website:

Born in London, England in 1928, Sandford studied at Enfield Technical College and began work as a draftsman. Sandford left England in the early 1950s to live in Toronto, Canada, and eventually settled in Flushing, New York in 1958 with his family. Sandford turned his attention from design and drafting work to painting in the 1960s, studying art at The New School and the Art Students League in New York City.

Sandford painted throughout New England, capturing the landscape around him through his bright and energetic acrylic paintings. He was particularly taken with Monhegan Island, and spent over thirty years painting the dramatic island landscape. Although Sandford never exhibited his art during his lifetime, his paintings are now beginning to gain recognition, and a number of his works of Monhegan Island can be found in the collection of the Monhegan Island Museum.

Wow, I’m a bit sad that he never exhibited his work while he was alive. I truly hope he knew how talented he was! This is a great artist to collect, and how wonderful is it that a number of his works will be at home at the Monhegan Island Museum!?

Catch you back here tomorrow!


Featured Artist… Robert Norieka!

“Lobster Buoys” by Robert Norieka – Image: Sylvan Gallery

I love Robert Norieka’s style… loose and dramatic. His colors… intense… in a very good way. I LOVE the color of that little shed and how the buoys really stand out and make a statement. What really makes this painting stand out is how a good part of it is in the shade and the rest in the sun. The part in the sun is so colorful. This is such a fantastic painting done by an artist who can paint watercolor, acrylic and oil (i’m sure there’s more he does, but that’s what we saw the other day at the Sylvan Gallery in Wiscasset, Maine).

If you’re in the Wiscasset area, I urge you to pop in Sylvan Gallery and take a peek! Then run down to TREATS for some… TREATS!  Hee hee…

Here’s a blip about Robert from the Sylvan Gallery (Wiscasset, Maine) website:

Robert is a graduate of Paier School of Art and has been a professional artist for thirty-five years. His passion for art is matched by a natural talent to paint a wide variety of subjects, highlighted by expressive coastal scenes, intimate woodland pictorials and seasonal treks through the countryside. He has been inspired by the many pleasurable memories of his boyhood; which was spent joyfully fishing, and catching turtles and frogs.

A prominent national award winning artist and illustrator, Robert’s paintings hang in both corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. His painting Catfish and Turtles is in the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art. He is represented in numerous galleries and teaches and lectures throughout New England. He has illustrated magazine editorials and seven books. He is an elected member of the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, the Salmagundi Club, the Lyme Art Association, the Connecticut Watercolor Society, the Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and he is a signature member of the New England Watercolor Society.

So far in 2012 Robert Noreika has already won two significant awards including the Robert Sanstrom Prize – $5,000 and GOLD MEDAL, at the National Society of Painters in Casein and Acrylic, and the Second Prize Award at the National Open Show of the New England Watercolor Society. Awards in 2011 include a first award in the New England Watercolor Society’s regional show at the Attleboro Museum as well as awards at the Salmagundi Show in NYC and from the New Haven Paint and Clay Club.

Noreika is a featured artist in 100 Artists of New England published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. in 2010.

And through October 29, 2012…

A New Exhibition at Sylvan Gallery 
“Bold Impressions”
The Paintings of Robert Noreika
September 28th – October 29th

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