The Golden Light on Mackinac Island, MI


Ahhh, beauty at its best! Several years ago, my mom, sister and I got together for a little weekend getaway on Mackinac Island in Michigan. We had the best time ever celebrating the end of my mom’s chemo treatments, woohoo mom!  We stayed in a beautiful room at the Island House, ate in their dining room each evening which was such a treat… walked and rode bikes until we wore ourselves out! On this day, my sister and I rode bikes around the island after dinner… we really had to pedal fast to make it off the back side of the island (no lights) before it was completely dark… that was something! This isn’t the best photo, taken with my Blackberry, but you get the a feeling of how gorgeous that golden light is! If you ever get a chance to go to Mackinac Island, please do! Like I mentioned, the Island House is a treat… its also worth strolling through the Grand Hotel and all its shops (note: there is a fee). They have a great little bistro where you can eat, lunches are reasonable and so delicious!


O N E   Y E A R   A G O…       8th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival October 20-27, 2012!

T W O   Y E A R S   A G O…   Pomi tomatoes… skip the BPA in the can and try a carton of tomatoes!

Catch you back here tomorrow!

View from the Grand Hotel porch – Mackinac Island, MI

Visiting the porch of the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, MI

Like I said yesterday… beauty everywhere you look. There is an amazing water view from nearly everywhere you stand. I love this island! Catch you back here tomorrow!

Ahhh, nothing like a salmon color geranium!

I love geraniums. They have a way of making something drab come alive. I especially love this salmon color, something a tad different from the typical red. This shot was taken on the way to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI. My mom, sister and I were there for a little R&R in between my mom finishing chemo (YAY!) and beginning radiation… We had the best time ever. We spent a few hours at the Grand Hotel and had so much fun! Bring your camera with you to the island, there are so many photos to be had. It’s difficult for me to focus when there’s so much to photograph, ha ha…

Enjoy your day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow!

Artist to watch… Marlee Brown!


One year when vacationing on Mackinac Island, MI (ohhh, what a place!), we ventured into the Grand Hotel… I was completely against paying $10 per person to walk through a hotel, but we did it, and am I ever glad we did! I’m not sure what the fee is these days to enter through the door, but if you’re considering it, I would do it! We had lunch at a nice little cafe, it was very quaint, very good, we had the best time. We wandered the halls of the Grand Hotel and there was so much to see! They have wonderful shops and a fantastic gallery. Marlee Brown’s gallery… this is an artist not afraid of color! Very loose and impressionistic in style her paintings were fabulous. The image above is from her website, the image that you click on to view the paintings. I love that painting AND the quote. If you get a chance check it out! And if you’re on the island, her gallery is a definite stop worth making!

Enjoy your weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!
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