A Canopy of Oak Tree Limbs

The Charleston, SC live oak trees are something to be treasured. In this photo, I shot upward. The limbs form a canopy over the road which is magnificent, especially on hot days! There is enough shade to walk laps (one time around the block is 0.8 miles) and for the most part stay out of direct sun. It also helps if you get caught in the rain, the trees shield you from regular rain – but not hard rain.

These live oak trees are so special to all of us who live here. They make this area so beautiful. Yes, there are leaves throughout the year, and a lot of them, as well as these squiggle things that turn to dust and create a nightmare (especially in gutters) – but after the messy season is over, you have the gorgeous, statuesque trees. The Spanish moss is breathtaking and elegant and the Resurrection Fern is miraculous, as it shrivels up and turns brown, looking like a dead fern when there is no water – and turning lush and green, looking like the most vibrant fern you’ve ever seen once it has some water.



Catch you back here tomorrow!

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