29 Broad Street – Charleston, SC – What a transformation!

29 Broad Street, Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC has some of the most beautiful architecture everywhere you look. However, there are some buildings that are in dire need of repair – Lucky for Charleston, there is a boutique general contractor here that KNOWS exactly how to restore a building to its original glory.

A few years ago I had a part time job at Galerie on Broad at 29 Broad Street. The gallery was on the main floor. No one lived in the upper floors for the majority of the time that I worked there. The gallery itself was nice, but needed work behind the scenes. These are old buildings and they deserve to be maintained. The building sold to and is being renovated by Re|New Urban – Which is owned by Mark Regalbuto, which I have met and by Andy Meihaus, which I have not. Mark is a fascinating guy, he is so knowledgable in every single aspect. Once the building is complete I’ll post a full photo, there is still paper on the windows, so I captured the upper floors. Just look at that roof! What a beauty! LOOK at all the detail that was suffering from age… (Truly, just Google “29 Broad Street Charleston SC” and you’ll see the “before” image!)

If Mark’s name sounds familiar, he was on THIS OLD HOUSE when they renovated a historic Charleston home. My husband and I watched each show amazed at the resources available here in Charleston and nearby areas to recreate some of the most amazing elements. If you haven’t seen the Charleston episodes, I highly recommend!

Check out their website (first orange link at beginning) and Instagram for images of other projects! Catch you back here tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “29 Broad Street – Charleston, SC – What a transformation!

    1. From what I can see from the outside (before completion) – this building has been revived into a historically beautiful building with detail, charm and character. I cannot wait to see the finished product (and hopefully the interior as well) – Renew|Urban = top notch!


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