Rooting Coleus!

Rooting Coleus!

Coleus is a beautiful plant that grows quickly. It’s a member of the mint family, which explains why it grows so fast! This plant will flower, but you want to pinch off the blooms because it takes energy away from the plant itself. There are different varieties. Some like shade, some like sun and some like a mixture.

One thing I love about this plant is that you can take clippings and put into water (I don’t let any of the leaves touch the water) and in a week or so you’ll see roots, at that time you can plant it and in no time you will have yet another big beautiful plant! I have read that they do need some sun otherwise they get weak and spindly and their color isn’t as pronounced.

I don’t know what variety we have, but it’s one that does well here in the South. You just can’t leave them without water. Especially if they’re situated in the sun in a terra cotta pot. Some days we water them twice a day – but it’s well worth it! Trust me.

Tomorrow is MAY 1st! Whew! Catch you back here tomorrow!




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