Featured Artist: Tom Balderas!

Still Life With Bottles, Vases, Cups, Fruit, Flowers and Brushes by Tom Balderas 24×24″ Oil

Tom Balderas. I am a huge fan of his paintings as well as what his poetry and writing. Tom is a thinker. A deep thinker. He is a true lover of art and pushes himself which I can really appreciate.

Be sure to check out Tom’s website, fabulous paintings, every single one of them. If you like art demo’s, Tom has a great one for sale. Once you pay a nominal fee it’s yours to watch as many times as you like. He covers a good amount of territory, from different artists that have inspired him over the years (I love this!), how he sets up his palette (he’s not chincy with paint – I think it’s safe to say this man paints with paint!), how he sets up a still life, which is so interesting – the sketching – the painting – the finishing touches that take it from wow to WOW! I watched the video and thoroughly enjoyed it!

It took a few days to select which painting to feature. In the end I couldn’t decide. They’re all truly wonderful. Go see for yourself, and check out that video if you’re interested in in art demos!

Here’s a blip from Tom about the video and the purchase:

a humble video created for you to watch one approach i use in the creating of a painting. in this video you will gather insight to some inspirations i look too, the colors i use, how i set up a still life and observe what i see and then interpret that into a visually painted language.
purchasing this video will give you a private link to watch this approximately 1 hour 4o minute demonstration. your purchase gives you access to the video any time of day, any day of week and for as long as you want to watch. you can watch and learn from the video as many times as you want for the price of $29.99!
click on the “BUY” button below to purchase via Paypal. Having a Paypal account to purchase is not necessary. Simply purchase as a Guest by clicking on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” selection if you are so inclined. After your payment is confirmed the Video Link will be sent to you via the Email Address you choose to be contacted through at time of purchase.
I hope you enjoy it!

Don’t miss Tom’s Bio below… I’ve said before that it’s one of my favorites (out of the hundreds that I’ve featured) – he is brilliant with words, and his bio is no exception!

See more of Tom’s work via these links:

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Blog  | Painting Demo



Third son of four. painter. writer. musician. photographer. thinker. creator. listener. observer. human. social. loner. understanding. misunderstanding. giver. taker. wanter. perfectionist. imperfect. mess. father.

Found himself dwelling upon an emotional and artistic precipice since birth.

Growing up in Torrance, California, Tom Balderas lived only a few miles from the ocean, which has made nature, along with his family, the main inspiration of his paintings. Balderas attended Loyola Marymount University, where he studied film production and art. After graduating, he worked several years for NBC Productions and helped make many made-for-television movies. He then began studying under the tutelage of his photographer father, as well as Joseph Mendez, master painter and teacher. Balderas considers the time spent studying with Mendez to be the cornerstone of his growth as a painter.

Also, studied with charles, anne, jennifer, daniel, sophia, lynne, joseph, harold, zen, elliott, starbuck, dan, andrew, dr. block, zinaida, david, e. charlton, michael, rose, ken, walter, selden, chris, armin, joaquin, edward, bejar, valentin, george, edward, jesus, steve, pierre, rachel, mort, marileigh, mr. gregg to name but a few of so many.

Works towards progress.

Catch you back here tomorrow!


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