Summertime Friends Trying To Keep Cool!

Summer’s End… Lilly and Charlie

Summer. Time for family, friends, being outside, on the water, in a boat, on a bike in the sun or under an umbrella. Time to read the wonderful books that everyone seems to save for this time of year.

Charlie had a friend over for a pool date. (Hi Lilly! 🐾) They ran around and played, we brought out Charlie’s pool so they could get cool, and the two of them just stood in it.  The panting eventually subsided and they were off to play some more. #goodtimes #summermemories #nothinglikeapooltogetcool

We are getting so close to Fall 🍁 I can hardly wait! After this heat that engulfed our area for what felt like months on end I am ready to move on, woohoo! July was the hottest month on record from the beginning of time for this planet. Crazy! We’ve got to get a handle on climate control. “The record warmth also shrank Arctic and Antarctic sea ice to historic lows.” (Read the article!)

Enjoy your weekend! Catch you back here tomorrow!





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