Recipe Reminder: How to make the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!

Thanksgiving Dinner – the Simplified Version…

Through the end of the month I’m posting recipe reminders, recipes that I’ve posted in the past, but unless you search, or scroll through the years (daily blog since 1/1/11) – you may miss some of these fabulous recipes.

This is a fabulous (and filling!) Thanksgiving Dinner… you can add other side salads, roasted veggies (brussels sprouts!), bean salads, fruit salad, some prefer rice, sweet potatoes, etc. but this is something to start with! Click HERE for these recipes (pictured above)

If you aren’t organized and have a hard time getting everything to finish about the same time, check out this post – there is a timeline included on when to do absolutely everything (I think!) – it works for me!

Enjoy! Take a deep breath – you can do it! Catch you back here tomorrow!




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