Great Egret – Daniel Island | Charleston, SC

Great Egret – Daniel Island – Charleston, SC

We headed out to Daniel Island (Charleston, SC) since we haven’t been that way in some time. We had a nice lunch out and drove around a bit. I snapped a photo of a Great Egret – happy in his/her natural habitat.

We had a Yellow Crowned Night Heron hanging around our pool for a few months… that wasn’t fun. These birds do best in a natural setting. For some reason that big bird liked to walk around the marsh eating, then pop over to clean off his feet on the top step of our pool. We had to get creative on how to block the top step (a raft and a few noodles). Then he would come and stand on the side of the pool and stare, trying to figure out how to get to the top step. So we bought a fake owl with eerie eye and a swiveling head. Didn’t phase him. So we bought a HUGE blowup swan that took up a good bit of the pool. HE BROUGHT A FRIEND… they both stood on the side of the pool and stared. 🤦‍♀️ Eventually he went on his merry way 🎉💃 I’m thinking he’ll be back.

I love to watch these birds in their own habitat… they are quite amazing!

Daniel Island is a cool place, wonderful shops, great restaurants – we’ll head back soon!

Until next time…




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