153161 Garage Guest Suite by Allison Ramsey Architects

153161 Garage Guest House by Allison Ramsey Architects

I love this simple yet classic garage with a covered area for parking or a patio. It’s a classic style with clean lines – it’s not fussy in appearance and adds just the right design element. A garage AND a small guest house. Perfect!

153161 Garage Guest House by Allison Ramsey Architects

This is the 153161 Garage/Guest Suite, this plan is 468 square feet upstairs and 486 sure feet of garage space. The guest house has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. It is perfect for guests and company to enjoy a long stay!

Garage and Guest Suite. Who doesn’t need this? How wonderful it would be to have a private space for guests. A place for them to chill, rest and relax. The porte cochere’ish area is a nice addition – if we built this in our backyard, we would use the porte cochere as a patio area – if used as a traditional garage there is nothing better than having a place to protect your car free from live oak sap (and a a barrage of other trees droppings – i.e. acorns, etc).

I would use this as a garage and an area out of the sun near the pool. I would swap the porte cochere (slanted roof overhang) to the opposite side of the garage – one more addition would be larger windows just to let more light in, but it is just beautiful as it is! The garage portion is perfection. The more garage space you have the more you collect. Clean it out and start fresh – smaller space (but still more than plenty!) means you won’t save things you will never look at again. Who’s guilty of that? 😉 The other thing I would do is leave out the stove. I would keep a sink – in case I want to use it as an art studio. Maybe make the stove area a pantry. It would be a great feeling to have another bathroom in case the in home bathroom was out of service. #alwaysplanningahead

I would LOVE to be a guest in this space!

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All images via allisonramseyarchitect.com, used with permission…
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