Not Taking It For Granted

Marsh View – Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina. An exquisite place to visit and a beautiful place to live. So much to love. Architecture, food, marsh view, seafood, the list goes on.

We live in one of the most special places in the world. Every day (that we get out – which hasn’t been nearly as often the past 6+ months) we see views like this. Drive from one location to another and you are bound to see stunning vista after stunning vista. I would like to plop myself in front of these beautiful places and really take in the beauty. However, we usually pass them going from one place to another.

Thankful for these views. Every single time I have my phone ready to snap a “drive-by” photo – most are winners depending upon the light. This photo was taken going over a bridge I believe – as a passenger of course!

Happy weekend!!

✍️ Until next time…

📸 Image: Barbara Stroud (me!); if you are interested, please contact me…


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