Cooking Light Magazine…

Happily Subscribed Once Again… at least for a while.

Cooking Light magazine – one of my all time favorites. I was an avid reader (from the early 90’s until they decided to merge some of their info into Eating Well magazine and sell Cooking Light as a magazine that you can buy in store only (no subscriptions). I never bought one of the special interest publications, but once the subscriptions started back, woohoo, I was too excited.

I received my first issue the other day and headed to the sunroom for some brainstorming… ideas of what to make, what sounds good, now? In the future? The current issue is Soups & Stews and whoah! There are so many that I have turned down that I want to try, woohoo!

I love cooking, and while I can make an occasional splurge item, I prefer to keep it fairly healthy at least. I have made several Eating Well recipes that were literally out of this world they were so good (one I made yesterday) – So it should be coming to this blog soon with a link to their website. Oh, so good!

Cooking Light has a fabulous website. It seemed the other day that I wasn’t able to access recipes without having a paid subscription, but when I double checked just now I was able to access, but after a few articles I was locked out without a subscription, so choose what you look at wisely. 😉 It will appear that the recipe is there for you but in a few seconds another screen will appear for you to login or sign up.

Eating Well magazine’s website ( is much like Cooking Light used to be in the old days. I highly recommend subscribing to their newsletters in addition to their magazine! So many amazing recipes!!

✍️ Until next time…


One thought on “Cooking Light Magazine…

  1. KD

    I love to cook too and have old issues of Bon Appétit that I still refer too and a few issues of Cooking Light. I still refer to old cookbooks and recipe cards. I will sometimes use the Epicurious site as well as some blogs, but I don’t follow anyone regularly and I find the ad popups irritating. I do appreciate people sharing. I do have pet peeves about how people share though such as critical, negative comments. I tell myself not to read them. I especially dislike it when someone doesn’t even bother to review a recipe, but leaves a thoughtless critique and then rewrites it to their own tastes. There’s nothing wrong with experimentation, but some of the comments are just plain rude. The whole word doesn’t need to know that someone doesn’t like broccoli in a comment section following a broccoli recipe. What’s the point. I really don’t write reviews. I guess that’s why I don’t use social media. As for me I experiment, cook on the fly and ad lib quite a lot these days and I’m not opposed to shortcuts when I’m short on time and low on energy.


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